About the “Writer”

The third blog Nelson The Wisest has created is titled Persuasion. This time he throws a lot of logic behind the door and aims to defend the indefensible, inexcusable, incredible points of view that are either inherently, or have been repeatedly proven wrong.

Nelson will like to say that the viewpoints that presented are not to inform, or even persuade (despite the blog title) but to entertain the possibility of new thoughts and therefore, to have a more open mind to the seemingly insane.

If you like my writings on this blog I have two other blogs that do with movie reviews. My favourte one is Inglorious Reviews that comprise of movie reviews, thoughts on the movie industry and other movie-related tidbits.

The other blog is called One Hundred Words which are more summarised movie reviews done in 100 words. Think of that site as a Twitter for blogs.