Why Kanye West Will Be President

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A couple of years ago at the VMA awards, Kanye delivered a speech. It wasn’t exactly as great as “I have a Dream” or 95% of speeches but he got his point across. After 10 minutes of incomplete sentences and unfinished thoughts. He rambled about smoking the green and improving children’s self-esteem, Finally, Kanye declared “And yes, as you probably guessed at this moment, I have decided in 2020 I will run for President”

And so he shall… just in 2024

Yes, “The Number One Most Impactful Artist of our Generation” Kanye West decided with no political experience that he can beat the other candidates in the presidential run. That seems like an absurd thought until about a year ago. After meeting with Donald Trump, Kanye hesitated on his promise and postponed his run to 2024.



When Kanye made that declaration at the VMA awards show, the crowd cheered and sang his praises. The Number One Rockstar on the Planet will win due to:

1. His influence on people;
2. His philosophical wisdom and;
3. His development of political knowledge.

With all three of these things, Yeezus fans will stand on top of the world and praise the name of Kanye West has he gains full access to the nuclear launch codes.

Kanye West’s Influence

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West and his fans holding $200 pairs of shoes. There are 500% markups on Ebay.

As much as his detractors hate to admit it, Kanye has a massive influence on what his followers buy into. Sure he does not have the mass following of Donald Trump on social media, but be the time 2024 rolls around that could likely change. Kanye has “Done the impossible” by “Retaking the throne of rap and fashion” who is to say he takes the oval office as well? It seems like a natural transition. He has convinced people to pay upwards of a thousand dollars for Yeezy Boots so it must be easy for him to convince people to tick his name on the ballot box.

Kanye West’s Philosophy

Philosophey of the World.PNG

West also has a lot of early promise. He said with money he “can bring dope shit into the world” he also has the utilitarian belief that he can bring every politician and person together despite their conflicting interests. As to how he will do that, he has yet to figure out.

He says that he has a lot of learning to do. Kanye is, therefore, a man who is willing to find the answers to pure utilitarianism that no political figure has been able to figure out. When he gains power, it is logical to believe that he has found the answers to all of the world’s problems that everyone will agree with and 2024 is the year he will find that answer.

Kanye admittedly does not have the answers yet but he will find that out using his sharp brain.

Kanye West’s Knowledge

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Says it all. Kanye has zero ego because he has infinite knowledge.

Kanye is also a rational man who is willing learn the political game before he comes to power. His developing knowledge will help Kanye discern what dope shit he can put on the table and other dope shit he can do without.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, he believes that he has “got five years before I go up and run for office. I’ve got a lot of research to do. I’ve got a lot of growing up to do” Now he has seven years. Imagine what knowledge he will come up with in seven years. I can tell he is reading law and economics books right now!

He also stated that he wants to be elected unopposed. Can you imagine how well he can transfer his knowledge of politics into the minds of people. For anyone who doubts Kanye’s intellect, he modestly said on a podcast that he was “Shakespeare in the flesh” Kanye believes that with his knowledge, he will be so legendary that when he runs, not one person will say “No” to him.

His knowledge will be so great that all democrats, republicans, libertarians, and authoritarians will be screaming “Yes Kanye yes!” and the results in the ballot box will be something even dictatorial rigged elections cannot achieve. The score will be:

Kanye West: 100%
Other Candidates: 0%
Voter turnout rate: 100%

We cannot just flick this off as a stupid publicity stunt (As Kanye is a better man than that) and take what he says as gospel truth. It is not a prediction of the future but a reality. We should not worry about this future but embrace it because with Kanye’s knowledge, influence and philosophy nothing can stop him from achieving greatness in his presidential aspirations.


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