The counter revolution has come… The New Rotation of the Earth!

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Stuff the experts.

Earth is a planet that restricts the freedom of choice. Why can’t I go to other planets if I wanted to? Why do I have to endure a life of living in the same topography? Why do I have to interact with the same species of animals each and every day? Why can’t Australia reside in the Northern Hemisphere once in a while? Most importantly, Why Does the Earth have to spin conter-clockwise?

For years one of my deepest desires has been the Earth spinning in a clockwise direction. It’s because for billions of years the Earth has been spinning around just one direction. Where is the variety in that? I don’t want Earth and other planets to feel insecure about rocking the boat. Live a little.

Discrimination in the Plantary Workplace

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I believe that the reason Earth and other planets don’t spin the other way is the fear of discrimination and reprimand from not only NASA but it’s planetary peers. Look at what happened to Pluto. It desired to be small in an era where planets are big in size. Pluto ended up being the furthest planet from the sun and was no longer classified as a planet by the International Astronomical Union. Now the other planets may fear to be different due to fear of exclusion and reprimand when we should be encouraging this form of countercultural behavior because that is when progression flourishes. Once every billion years, Earth needs to stick it to the man.

These Planetary Times Are a Changin’

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The only planet that has gone full blown countercultural was Venus. It spun one way and now it spins another direction. Not only does it spin the other direction, it slowed down its orbital speed. This was “revolutionary” hehe… It has become socially acceptable because it is something the Venus believed in and people got used to it over time.

If only we had other planets like Venus who are just not afraid to change, to do a complete 180 and explore the other side. It promotes open-mindedness and lets the earth experience different things. I don’t know the political situation of other planetary systems in the universe but hopefully, they follow the same footsteps as planet Earth.


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