Antartica: The Hottest New Holiday

Many people get tired of where they are living. That is why people like to travel. I know many people want to travel around Europe or hop along America but I am annoyed at that because some people think those are their only options. We as human beings need to be more open-minded. Let’s travel to Antartica!

Yes, that’s right, Antarctica: Home of Happy Feet and March of the Penguins. Let’s go through the tourist attractions.

Get to Cuddle a Penguin

Image result for cuddling a penguin

In Antarctica, you can always cuddle a wild penguin! You are probably not allowed to legally but do you ever see any Antarctican police around to enforce it? No, you don’t. It is recommended that you build a foundation with the penguin (feed it fish, protect it from killer whales etc.) and then, if you play your cards right, give the penguin a big hug. From personal experience, don’t hug the penguin too tightly. It will scream and mercilessly bite at your face.

It is also recommended to communicate to penguins through dance. If a deformed looking adult penguin responds by tapping his feet, you have met Mumble from Happy Feet. He won’t like it if you throw a six-pack of beer into the ocean (personal experience) and if you relentlessly tell him that he needs some singing lessons because he sounds so awful (again, from personal experience). If you don’t fall into some of the mistakes that I made, you should be fine and have a wonderful time.

A Great Ice Bath

Image result for ice bath

If you are a spa hater, try the deluxe ice baths of Antarctica! The great thing is you can customize the size and shape of your very own bath. Just get a shovel and a pickaxe and you are halfway home! Hypothermia aside, it will be the most refreshing things in your life. The downside is no skinny dipping. A friend of mine messaged me that he was going to skinny dip in an Antarctic ice bath. I haven’t heard from him since. He must be too preoccupied with all in penguins in Antarctica!

A Great Place to Fish

Wouldn’t it be great to live the life of an Eskimo! You will be able to fish uninterrupted for hours on end and catch new species of fish. If you have a strong enough rod and line, you may even be able to catch a killer whale.

There are various species of fish that are native exclusively to Antartica. One of them is the Antartic Silverfish, I bet you it would be delicious. Imagine saying to that family relative who is all about fishing “You may have caught dozens of big fish but you have never caught an Antarctic silverfish before”

Sooner or later, advertising and tourist agencies and will be dying to market the beautiful land of Antarctica. The tagline will be “Antarctica: The ultimate air-conditioner”


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