Bring Back the Penny-Farthing

penny farthing by kate lindop:

Written by Nelson Cumming

Where did the penny-fathing go? Whenever I am in a major city, do you know what I see? Cars, cars, cars, cars, cars. Cars are inherently dumb. Maintenance can be expensive, there are fatalities involving cars and horns are used out of frustration more so than avoiding an accident.

I am sick of cars. So much so that I have a solution to all those problems that cars have. I want to take a time warp back to the 19th century and give you the reason we need to back the Penny-farthing as our major form of transportation.

Penny-farthings give a Great use of cardio

Image result for Funny cardio
If only my penny-farthing fit through the door 😦

Bringing the human race back to the Penny-farthing will increase the cardiovascular health tremendously. One day society will be the joe blow from the street and the next, they will be the next generation of Lance Armstrong’s without the brain, lung and testicular cancer and the performance enhancers.

Beyond the improvements in cardio, could you imagine all the weight loss and reduction of the consequences of obesity? There will be a reduction of diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes while improving the quality of life. I can be that one guy that eats so much crap and it would be a little easier to claim for health insurance.

Penny-farthings give you an enhanced social status

Image result for penny farthing class funny

You may be living in subterranean housing or some cheap-ass apartment with no hot water or air condition and you may look a bum. Here is the silver lining, if you ride a penny-farthing amongst the streets of social elitists who are also riding penny-farthings, you will feel like an aristocrat. Mr. Monopoly has got no shit on you.

A penny-farthing can also get you a significant other. To paraphrase a quote from a song:
“You men who long for love and you are uglier than sin
There’s a secret you should know if you want to know how to get in
You may not have the dash but you can win that girl If you only got a mustache… and a Penny-farthing”
No wiser words have been said.

Bring Back the Farthing!

Humans have the power to change things. If only I lived in a world where millions of people protested for the real issues like how cars have shunned the penny-farthing. The world will be right back on track. But I cannot do it without your support. let us bring back the fathing!

Image result for cardio funny
Do this as a ten minute warm-up and you can go an hour on the penny-farthing.

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