Die Humpty Dumpty Die!

What you are about to read are not my views, just like every other post. Persuasion is about entertaining the wackiest of ideas I try to have fun advocating for them.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, had a great fall, died and should be forgotten.

I am tired of teachers just brainwashing their children with nursery rhymes, songs and any other version of fun. Songs like Humpty Dumpty devalues a child’s critical thinking skills and rationality that is needed to save humanity from it’s the endless cycle of stupidity it created.

Think of the Children!

Image result for Humpty Dumpty Dies Children
A brainwashed child that literally immersed themselves in Humpty

Yes, it’s been proven that a child does not start developing their critical thinking skills until they are eleven. But many educational institutions have said that it is beneficial for children to develop critical thinking skills as soon as they are mentally capable. This begins by the time children learn about Humpty freaking Dumpty.

The story of Humpty Dumpty is normally interpreted with sympathy for the titualar character and that the people who try to save Humpty are good samiaritans.

Using critical thinking, you could easily conclude that everyone in the story are idiots.

Image result for humpty dumpty is an idiot
After reading the nurseary rhyme, Humpty Dumpty had to be a stoner

Humpty Dumpty is a nursery rhyme with zero critical thinking skills and is irrational. The story does not explain the simple thinks that even the most simplistic critical thinker would rebuff. The nursery rhyme does not explain:
1. How Humpty Dumpty got on that wall. It must have been a pretty high wall if he fell off the side and died. Also it does not explain why he sat on this wall in the first place. Therefore there is no reason he is partaking in this unsafe venture. 
2. How he fell off the wall, forcing us to believe he fell for no reason. This suggests that Humpty Dumpty is an idiot.
3. Why you would let a king’s horse revive Humpty Dumpty! His weight would probably crush Humpty’s chest if he performed CPR. I cannot imagine mouth to mouth. That horse probably doesn’t have his First Aid and CPR certificate.

Image result for humpty dumpty is an idiot

Toppling the Dumpty

The point of these things is to highlight how kids from an early age accept things for no reason. Accepting things without using and form of reasoning can lead to blind faith. Blind faith can lead to people being exploited or those people may lead a life of misinformed information…

And it all started with Humpty Dumpty

So let us watch Humpty as he sits on a very tall wall so he can fall for no reason and instead of sending the king’s horses and men, send a grave digger and bury him for good. When we bury Humpty, we bury the future of walking lobotomies. Who’s with me? 🙂

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