Smoking During Sports: A Must

After the Australian Government relentlessly pursued the anti-smoking campaign for over a decade, I have finally had enough. I believe we need to start smoking during sports. I also have a sports smoking program that can be implemented for a better time at the game.

I think it is about time to stop wasting millions of dollars in anti-smoking campaigns when I see a lot of benefit in smoking in sports. The crux of the argument is that smoking reduces the injuries of players during sports and smoking looks cool while playing.

Smoking and Injuries

Image result for smoking while playing sports
It would be a thousand time better if the NFL allowing smoking while going for a touchdown

After doing research I have found out there is no correlation between the level of injuries in competitive sports and whether the people injured were smokers. However, there have been no cases of sporting injuries while the injured player was smoking while playing. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to at least try and puff some of grandpa’s medicine while playing the occasional rugby.

Let’s not forget why people smoke. Smoking is a depressant. Therefore, players will be more relaxed when playing a game. If someone wants to fight they can just put out their cigarette on their opponents hand. That is if they have another cigarette they can replace it with. If all players agree to this rule, it will avoid concussions and nosebleeds from punch-ups.

Smoking and Celebrations

Image result for The dragon vape
Just imagine if your favourite sports star does The Dragon when they score

Finally, smoking during sports looks cool when it’s done right. That is why vaping is becoming more popular. You can learn to blow smoke rings or do “The Dragon” vape. Imagine how good it would look when Christiano Ronaldo celebrates by smoking a big fat Cuban cigar and blowing smoke rings. All the kids and will idolize him even more.

Can you imagine all the sponsorships that the top level atheletes would have from cigerette companies. It will help boost the econmany as businesses thrive off this smoking mentality. Imagine another million dollar smoking sponsorship from Rolando’s 88 million dollar per year earnings. All he would have to do is spell the word “Goal!” from his mouth!

As I say “It’s better smoking from your mouth than what crap that comes out of the mouths of others” So whenever go pass a ball, smoke that cigarette. When you are running towards goal, take a huge drag with you. When you win, finish that entire pack!

Reserve this level of smoking for Olympic gold.

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